Download free Garmin GPS map updates to your Nuvi

Welcome to my independent website that tells you all about how you can download free Garmin maps, plus the process behind installing free Garmin maps on your Nuvi GPS product.  (Please note this also works for Zumo devices as well).  Despite what you might have read elsewhere on the Internet, there’s only one place that you can download Garmin maps free – and that’s from the company themselves.  In order to see if you qualify then click on this link here.  This will let you check online to see where you are eligible for Garmin free updates.

Click Here to Check for Free Garmin Map Updates

Garmin Maps Free – How Does it Work?

Garmin have some criteria when it comes to offering their customers free Garmin maps and it’s all to do with how long you have been using the product for from the date it first received a satellite signal.  Over the last few years this qualifying time frame seems to have changed and so you should refer to the official Garmin website on this link in order to check if you are able to download free Garmin Nuvi maps or not.

Their scheme is called the nuMaps Guarantee and is their way of guaranteeing that owners of their GPS devices always have the latest maps.  Make sure you visit Garmin today and see if you can access free updates for Garmin Nuvi.  If you can’t they do also do some very affordable and cheap Garmin map updates so either way you will be able to find a suitable solution for you.

Always Download Official Garmin Free Updates

You might have seen websites online that promise you Garmin maps free and invite you to click on a dodgy download link or access some torrent website.  My advice to you is that you should never try and download free update for Garmin Nuvi GPS products using this method.  The reason I say this is because many of these non-official websites could contain viruses and malware that will infect your PC when you attempt the Garmin map download.

Not only that, but there is no guarantee that the software won’t compromise or damage your Nuvi GPS when you try to install it.  There’s only one place you can download 100% Garmin map updates and that’s direct from the manufacturer themselves.  You can find a link near the top of this page which will take you to their website where you can check for the latest free Garmin Nuvi maps and full purchase options if you need to pay for a software upgrade.

Installing Free Updates for Garmin Nuvi

I have put together a guide on how best to update and install new Garmin maps on your GPS, and you can read that here.  It contains not only step-by-step instructions but also includes a video showing you how you can do it.  I can guarantee that you should find it relatively simple, even if you are not completely comfortable with the ways computers work.

Can I Download Maps for my Nuvi?

Free Garmin map updates are compatible with every single model and variation on the Nuvi range that they have ever released.  Here are just a few models that you can download free Garmin maps for – but be aware this is not a conclusive list – simply their best selling models for illustrative purposes.

  • Nuvi 500
  • NUvi 550
  • Nuvi 1350
  • Nuvi 1300
  • Nuvi 1690
  • Nuvi 2200
  • Nuvi 250
  • Nuvi 205

As I said though, this is just a sample of their products.  You can download Garmin map updates for any previous model so go and check the official website and now and get started.